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Salman Khan miffed with Malaika Arora?


It is old news that Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora have filed for divorce, but what is surprising is how much that has affected Salman Khan. “Bhai is someone who has never married but he holds a lot of respect for the institution of marriage, he still is upset about the way things have turned out for his brother and Malaika,” exclaimed a friend of the family.

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It was apparently, all over the news that Salman and Malaika had to be physically kept away from each other all through Kareena Kapoor Khan’s party last week, while we had thought it was more smoke and very little fire, each day the stories get murkier.

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Apparently, Salman has been so miffed with Malaika because Arbaaz really tried to make the marriage work. However, contrary to what Bhai thinks, there are reports about Arbaaz making eyes at a certain Delhi based business woman called Yellow Mehra! Wow! While Malaika and Arbaaz seem to have drifted about mutually, it is rather awkward that it is Salman and Malaika who are more explosive if kept in the room together.