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Salman Khan is my Inspiration – Winy Tripathi


Versatile actor Winy Tripathi who have done shows like Saraswatichandra, Mukti Bandhan, Na Aana Is Desh Lado and now he is currently seen in Queens Hain Hum produced by Silver Ivory Productions. The handsome actor celebrated his birthday with the queens of Queens Hain Hum. When asked Winy says,” It is always awesome as you are actually the centre of attraction on your birthday that too with five beautiful girls around. It was fun.” When asked what does he feel about age is just a number, he shares,”Yes I feel in a way that you are what you look like.IMG_6541 IMG_6543 IMG_6550 IMG_6553 IMG_6563 IMG_6570 IMG_6584

I look up to Mr Salman Khan in this. That man just doesn’t age. He is my inspiration. On being asked about his birthday memories from the past which he still remembers laughingly he shares,”In our school days I used to distribute cadbury Eclairs and always used to give 2-3 more to my best friend. In the evening we used to have a party and used to hold back ourselves to see what gifts my friends are getting for me. At the end, he adds,” I didn’t get time to buy any thing as am shooting back to back but will buy something when I get a holiday.