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Salil Ankola is back, and how!


TV actor Salil Ankola, who is currently seen in Siddarth Kumar Tewary’s Karamphaldata Shani, is enjoying his stint on TV. He says, “Karamphaldata Shani is my comeback serial to television after a gap of five years as I stayed away from work for personal reasons.”
Ankola has been seen in many popular serials including Kora Kagaz, Kehta Hai Dil and Bigg Boss.

Ask if he has learnt anything from his present character and he quips, “Suryadev is fiery, stands for the right and is unbiased in his views and judgement. I am also straight forward and too upfront. But he also has a bit of an ego which I have learnt in life the hard way that it’s not good for you. So I don’t really carry an ego at all.”
Well said!