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Sadma to happen even minus Kareena!


Mudslingers beware, filmmaker Lloyd Baptista isn’t among those who’d take it lying low. While many are rubbishing off his much awaited remake of the critically acclaimed ’80s hit Sadma by saying with Kareena’s ouster from the project the film is shelved, Lloyd is going strength to strength to make it his magnum opus!

Refuting the rumours the spokesperson, says, “There’s no truth in the stories doing the rounds. Neither has Kareena turned down the project nor has the film been shelved. We aren’t saying Kareena is on board neither are we saying she rejected the film. My request to journalists is to at least confirm with us or the director before filing any rubbish.”

It is learnt that even the reports of Vidya Balan being approached to essay the role played by Sridevi in the original film were false. Speaking on the matter Lloyd says, “I request media to relax on this matter and all details of the film shall come out soon.

This is a very big film and I want to do full justice to its remake. No decision shall be rushed. We have roped in leading casting director Mukesh Chabra to do the casting for the film and the names will be revealed after being locked.” Sadma remake will be made both in Hindi as well as English. The casting for the Hollywood project is also on.