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Sadhvi Prachi accuses Shah Rukh Khan of being a Paksitani agent


Shahrukh Khan 4

Shah Rukh Khan, who turned 50 a day ago, has received one of the highest civilian awards Padma Shri. When he was quizzed recently about returning the honour due to the increasing intolerance in India, Shah Rukh Khan diplomatically maintained a stand and spoke about the growing religious intolerance and the current situation in our country. And it has rubbed self-proclaimed godman and Hindu political activist Sadhvi Prachi the wrong way.

Sadhvi Prachi recently claimed that people like Shah Rukh Khan should be sent back to Pakistan and even accused the superstar of being a Paksitani agent. Shah Rukh Khan’s recent statements on religious intolerance that persists in our country has irked Sadhvi Prachi who has even made a statement asking Shah Rukh Khan to be charged of sedition.

This is not the first time where Sadhvi Prachi has voiced her opposition towards the industry. Prior to this, she had even asked for a ban on Aamir, Salman and Shah Rukh Khan films and had asked right wing political parties to tear off the posters of their films.