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Sacred Games: MS Dhoni loved this character from the Netflix show


Looks like Former Indian cricket team captain is taking a break from cricket, that’s why he was seen in a post  shared by Sacred Games actress Rajshri Deshpande on twitter where he was seen laughing with the actress, Dhoni was wearing a red jersey. Apparently MS Dhoni has loved the series and has appreciated Rajshri’s work in the show.

She was having a ‘fan moment’ after spending some time with the Cricketer, the tweet was captioned by saying,”When he said he loved my work in @SacredGames_TV Matlabbbbbb total Siyaaapaaa 😍 My fan moment with amazing @msdhoni .. Thank you @sapnabhavnani 😘”

After she posted the picture on twitter, Sacred Games director Anurag Kashyap retweeted the picture captioning, “@msdhoni loved Sacred Games .. hmmm”

Rajshri Deshpande is a Marathi actress who played the role of Ganesh Gaitonde’s wife Subhadra, the actress was praised for her acting skills in this Netflix series. Though her character was short lived Rajshri performed a very powerful role as Subhadra Gaitonde.