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Sabrang movie: Review, Cast, Story, Director


Film: Sabrang

Cast: Sanaya Sharma, Soniya Albizuri, Ekaansh Bhardwaj, Jeet Rai Singh, Vipin Panigrahi, Khushi Dubey

Director: Niranjan Bharti

Rating: *

I never knew that there was such an animal as ‘the greatest engineer in the world’ but hey, Bollywood teaches you a lot of things and this, I guess is one of them. Akash (Ekaansh) some alumni of Somaiya College of Engineering, is well settled in the US with his live-in firangi girlfriend Suzy (Soniya Albizuri), running his own infrastructure development Engineering company in San Francisco – and is constantly referred to as the Greatest Engineer in the world.

And then a challenge comes his way in the form of a project in India. After see-sawing in indecision he finally agrees to take it on and once in India comes in contact with his ex-girlfriend Samaira (Sanaya Sharma). Love strikes all over again, but fate plays spoilsport.

The add-on characters are students of the college aspiring to emulate the great man by going abroad and doing well for themselves while Samaira is portrayed as the idealistic teacher who wants to stay on in India and build an educational model beneficial to the country. Unfortunately, it’s all words thrown at you without any visual development. The only plotting we get is about young love, misunderstanding and ambition taking precedence over rash promises and commitment.

The direction is terribly amateurish, technical specs are below standard and performances are presented in a form so fractured that it looks implausible and unconvincing. The representation of a hospital setting is so woebegone-without even the required basic machinery to support a patient in the last throes of her life- such are the budgetary cuts undertaken here.

While the intention here might have been to contrast idealism against materialism and ambition, it doesn’t come across as such. This film really doesn’t hit any amiable notes at all.

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