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Ryan wants to play Ripley


Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds says he wants to remake “Alien” with himself in Sigourney Weaver’s role.  The 40-year-old actor insists his new sci-fi saga “Life” isn’t very similar to Ridley Scott’s famous franchise apart from the subject matter, but he could see himself portraying the actress’ iconic character Ellen Ripley. Asked about the comparisons, he says, “I think I’d make a good Ripley.”I’m tall; I could maybe work one of those mechanical crane robots if she showed me. Yeah. I could see it” he said. The ‘Daredevil’ actor also stated how different both the films are.

“This isn’t ‘extra-terrestrial ravenous xenomorphic boards’ spaceships and slaughters everyone’. Which I’m all for but in this the creature is trying to survive. It’s encountered the scariest alien of all – humans. It’s basically being abducted by aliens, us, and is reacting to that. And this guy can defend himself.” Reynolds added.