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Roshni, Aalisha share a special bond


Roshni Sahota says she and Aalisha Panwar share a “special bond” with each other. “Aalisha and I share a special bond. We are like sisters. It’s not a blood bond, but very special one. We lived together earlier when we shifted to Mumbai,” Roshni said. “We use to get along so well that we got connected like sisters. Even till the day I manage to guide her sometimes with dos and don’ts while doing a show,” she added.

Speaking about Roshni, Aalisha said: “Roshni and I are like sisters. Our bond is really special as it’s a relation we share by our wish. We spend free time from shoots together watching horror movies with pizza. I remember earlier I used to get scared a lot. We had and are still making lots of good memories in Mumbai. Glad to have her in my life.”