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‘Robinson Crusoe’ to release in India in September


New Delhi: “Robinson Crusoe” — an animated film narrating the life of the legendary castaway Robinson Crusoe — will find its way into the theatres in India on September 9.

PVR Pictures is bringing the film to India, and the release date was announced on Tuesday through a statement from the banner.

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Directed by Vincent Kesteloot and Ben Stassen, the story revolves around Crusoe who gets stranded on an exotic tiny island after a violent storm. An island, which is inhabited by Tuesday, an outgoing parrot, along with his quirky animal friends who are experiencing their first interaction with a human.

It is about how a friendship between man and animals is formed and how they strike a common chord and live in harmony. It also turns the spotlight on how Crusoe and his animal friends discover the true power of friendship against all odds.

German actor Mattias Schweighofer has given voice to the character of Crusoe.

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