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Raveena saves an injured girl from the streets


Bollywood’s gorgeous Raveena Tandon showed her helpful nature and social responsibility yet again. The actor rescued an injured girl in Juhu recently. An eyewitness of the accident shared details about it soon after, saying “The actress saved an injured girl, while she was travelling on her way to attend an event. She not only helped the (under privileged) girl but also dropped the girl and her friends herself to their house. The kids were happy and their parents also thanked the actress for her gesture.”

“At the time, I thought that it was much more important tending to the other person’s needs first — we need to have our priorities always straight. And safety is most important, especially in a dire situation like this I thought this was the only solution to drop the child and in custody of her parents. My only concern was the child’s safety,” said Raveena Tandon when we asked her about the incident.

“The girl’s parents were so touched by the thoughtfulness of the actress that they haven’t stopped singing the glories of her timely help,” expressed our source.

Hats off to our actress to have done everything in her capacity to save the life of girl. This incident is one more testimony to the hero’s kind-heartedness.