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‘Raped woman’ remark: Salman Khan skips summons from MSCW


Salman Khan

Earlier we had reported that following the controversial ‘raped woman’ remark by Salman Khan, the National Commission for Women (NCW) and the Maharashtra State Commission for Women (MSCW) had sent Salman summons to appear before them to explain his reasons for making such a statement. Now we hear that after missing the hearings on two previous occasions, Salman, yet again skipped personal appearance for the third time before the MSCW. However, he did send a letter to the panel, responding to the summons that were issued to him, till date, over his ‘raped woman’ remark.

Though the contents of the letter sent to the MSCW are unknown, the commission acknowledged its receipt and are consulting with their legal department. Commenting on the same, Vijaya Rahatkar the chairperson for the MSCW stated that post studying the letter with their legal team, they will decide upon a suitable course of action.

Earlier, responding to the summons sent by the MSCW through his lawyers, Salman Khan had urged the body to discontinue its hearing since the matter was already pending before the NCW, and hence could not be heard simultaneously by both commissions.