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Ranveer Singh looks back at his films


The man, the machine and the maniac, Ranveer Singh is the game changer of the industry. He walked in with a Band Baja Baarat and then walks ahead with his head held high with his latest film Bajirao Mastani. With a zeal to do something new this actor not just gives his best on screen but also analysis his work in retrospect.

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Talking about his second film Ranveer says, “Let’s go back a bit. I was personally very disappointed with my performance in my second film, Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl. I was very new and hungry, hoping for a performance oriented part but wound up with a film which was really more popcorn. It was very light and about looking good.”

His most appreciated performance, Lootera established him as an actor in the industry. The lack of success of Lootera left a mark on this actor’s heart. He confesses, “After that came LOOTERA, which on hindsight, is my favourite performance. Today I appreciate it’s cinematic quality and poignancy, I believe it’s a much greater film than it was perceived at it’s release.

I have seen it multiple times and understood more about my own performance-it’s so subtle, things I emote probably do not register on a first time viewing. I was also too conscious at the time of shooting, “Am I going too low key? Am I just so internal that nothing is translating on screen?” My fears perhaps came true for the audience. But there is a section of the audience, very keen cinephiles mostly, who find that to be my best performance till date.

I learn that more and more people are seeing it now on DVD and write in to me that the film is actually a cinematic jewel that did not get it’s due credit. It was overlooked in the award season for which I felt tremendously bad for Vikramaditya, for the director of photography, the sound design… because the film was technically very superior.”

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For the monster that we know on screen, Ram Leela put him up on the map of entertainers. There was no looking back. Talking about his work with MrBhansali, Ranveer says, “Ram Leela was my grand showcase because there was lots of action and dance, where I could show myself off as a performer.

MrBhansali makes these larger than life films, he really mounts his films and projects his leads magnificently. He demands and brings out the best in you. I didn’t know I could dance like that with that degree of intensity. All credit to MrBhansali who gave me that opportunity at a time when Lootera had not even released.”