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Ranveer Singh is in love and it’s not Deepika….


Ranveer Singh fell in love on the shoot of his upcoming film Befikre, and if you are looking curiously at Vaani you may cease that immediately. It is not Vaani he has fallen in love with but a girl who is rather much too younger than himself, and might be prepared to tie the knot with him any time in the next two decades! We are talking about Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji’s daughter Adira. Ranveer is telling all those who will listen that he is almost certain this time it was love at first sight.

In fact, Ranveer jokingly added that Adira also winked at him, when he saw her for the first time. Knowing Ranveer and his tendencies to make girls weak in their knees, it is good that Adira is still a wee bit too young to feel the full effect of his charm. Adira though might make it to the record books for being the youngest conquest for Ranveer.

A friend of the actor let it slip, “Ranveer is not someone who has spent a great lot of time with someone so small, in fact, Adira might easily be the youngest person he has ever met and given she is Adi Sir’s daughter, Ranveer was partially in love with her even before he has laid his eyes on her, and since then he hasn’t stopped talking about her. from her tiny fingers to the wink, Ranveer has described it all to whoever is within earshot. It is a whole new experience for him but we couldn’t help but notice Ranveer is making all comments like a smitten man. Clearly he is love!”

A man who loves kids, there is no scope for those who have been holding their hearts shut for Ranveer, he is gonna slam right in ladies!