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Randeep Hooda is missing his horses!


Who ever said that being an actor is a full time job has certainly never met Randeep Hooda. The man is always trying ways and means to increase his repertoire of work but then again there are only two things that really drive him absolutely and completely wild with passion. No, not his girls but his movies and his horses. The love he has for both of them has him sometimes awake at nights…

Yet off late one is taking much more of his time and he cannot help but feel like he is neglecting the other. “Randeep Hooda has been so busy with work, so many films he has done earlier which were stuck now want to complete the remaining portions so that they can piggy back on his success, plus there are films he has signed up that need his attention, amidst all this his health has completely gone for a toss, and yet, he cannot slow down,” exclaimed our source who is a team member on the film set of Sultan.

“We saw him, writhing in pain on the sets of Sultan when he finally decided to give up, and collapsed but he wasn’t wanting to stop the shoot, I hear he is the same with his equestrian family. If he hears one of his giants are not feeling well, he will make it a point to go visit them no matter what it takes for him to move his schedule around. So I can only imagine how hard it might be for him now that he has been asked not to ride for a month more and with all promotional work also in full swing, even meeting his favourite boys might be tough! He really does miss his studs!”