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Randeep Hooda doesn’t like to talk about himself


Randeep Hooda wanted to keep his personal life a mystery, but feels social media ruined his plans. The actor says he still tries to lie low as he is not comfortable talking about himself in public. There’s no big PR mechanism in place to keep him in the public eye while he works on his selective projects, which mostly take up a lot of time to finish. Also, Randeep doesn’t use social media to keep his fans updated about his personal life, but to be heard on social issues.

It all seems part of a plan to keep the “mysterious” tag. “I think social media has come in and stuffed out my plans. I was planning to be this actor about whom you would know nothing. I let the cat out of the bag but I am not comfortable with taking pictures. I am not comfortable sitting and talking about myself,” Randeep said. “Even if you go to my social media accounts (you will see that) I am usually talking about social issues, about environment, or to do with emancipation of different things,” the actor added.