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Ranbir Kapoor: Undoing the past


It might not at all be what you are thinking, we are just trying to say that Ranbir Kapoor is staying away from all things feminine at least for the time being!

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Given the way his career is going and the many things that are not going right for him, it is about time that Ranbir take matters in his own hands. And to begin with it, Ranbir’s first step towards detox is to do away with feminine diversions.

For someone who was aptly called the ladies’ man, Ranbir has not had her girl in his new pad for the longest time. He has been partying and enjoying himself with his mates, but nothing more than that.

When we asked our sources to keep vigil, we were told “Ranbir Kapoor is really making sure that he has nothing to do with the kind of life he is usually associated with. He doesn’t want to get into a relationship hastily. He would much rather concentrate on his career.

It is a fact that his films are not doing the same kind of business his contemporaries are making and that in itself in worrisome. So it is hardly a surprise that he wants to give more of his time trying to figure his career than get someone to have a relationship with.”

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We are not complaining. As long as we have him make movies at faster intervals.