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Ranbir Kapoor and his likes


Chilled Beer
You have just got to admire Ranbir Kapoor’s honesty. In a recent interview, he actually admitted that he could have a drinking problem! When have you last heard a B-town denizen ever confess to a real weakness? He goes on to admit that he has seen how it plays out in his family, how things can go the wrong way. This awareness is probably what keeps him from tipping over. On days when he is shooting he cares enough to hold himself in check as film is a visual medium, but when he is off, he just about drinks anything even though what he best prefers is a cold draught beer.

Sneaker Peek
If beer is among is faves, next on the list must come sneakers! A huge fan of these shoes, he actually buys two sets of every pair he likes; while he wears one out, the other he keeps in pristine condition! With over 200 pairs of sneakers in his closet, he actually meticulously rotates their usage all through the week.

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Cool Code
An easy dresser, he prefers lazy dressing which symbolizes his personality. While he confesses to not owning any formal trousers, he does possess a couple of suits to rock those big ticket events.

Croc Rocks!
An adventurous eater, he hasn’t even shied away from tasting crocodile meat! He goes so far as to call it the softest, nicest meat he has tasted, dubbing it an interesting blend of fish and chicken! While he was gorging on the rich ghee-laden paaya and junglee mutton at his grandmother Krishna Kapoor’s home, he has since cut back as he is dieting for his upcoming DRAGON. What he eats now largely is the healthy food his personal cook whips up.

Footie Fever
Passionate about football, he plays it at least thrice a week and thinks he is decently okay at it. He also owns the Mumbai City Football Club team of the Indian Super League. At least five times a year he wings it over to Barcelona to watch the games, as he is an honorary member. Free games and a chance to meet the players and hang out with them – even with his idol, Lionel Messi – and that’s a high not many can beat in his book.

Real Lives
His reading tastes do not lean towards fiction, as he prefers poring over autobiographies of the likes of Rockefeller impersonator Christian Gerhartsreiter, Charles Chaplain and Errol Flynn.

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One Direction
Direction is not exactly on the anvil right now, even though he does know the ins and outs of how a film is made. He believes a director has to find the method to tell his story; something that is beyond him as of now as he claims to be lazy, and has most of his time taken up by acting. Most crucial is to have a story and that is something he says he doesn’t have either. While he might not have the ability to write, Karan Johar believes that Ranbir understands the form and looks at cinema holistically. He feels sure that the star should direct at some point in his life but not just yet as he has so much to give as an actor!