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Ram Kapoor slams critics of Sunny Leone who have been trolling her for adopting a child


Just a few days ago, Sunny Leone was on cloud nine after she turned mother to Nisha Kaur Weber and announced about it on social media. While several from B-town sent congratulatory messages to the actress for the same, there were a few netizens who rolled her over her past. The actress’ former co-star and a well-wisher, actor Ram Kapoor came to the rescue who decided to give a piece of his mind to the trollers.

Readers may be aware that Sunny Leone entered the Indian entertainment industry when she was a porn-star in the US. While her past has time and again come under scrutiny, with the actress even slamming one of the interviewers who prodded her a little too much about her profession, this time around the actress had to face a similar situation on social media platforms. The trolls indicated about how her past profession would affect the future of her child.

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Owing to the same, Ram Kapoor firmly condemned this social media behaviour. Calling it ridiculous, he asserted that her career choices then were in a country where it was legal and allowed unlike ours where it is considered illegal. Slamming the ones who have been claiming that Sunny won’t be a good mother, Ram further went on to state that the life choices made by the actress will not have any bearing on the kind of parent she will be. He also cited an example wherein there are chances that an office employee might turn out to be a horrible parent.

Stressing on these points, Ram Kapoor added that we as people have no right to judge celebrities, especially considering that they haven’t broken any law or done anything illegal.

For the uninitiated, Ram Kapoor and Sunny Leone came together for the comedy Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, directed by Devang Dholakia. The film released during summer last year, on May 8.