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Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra doesn’t mind taking advice from debutantes


rakesh om prakash mehra

Everyone who is a cinema-addict is waiting patiently for the new superstars to make their mark with MIRZYA, the first look itself got everyone sitting up and waiting to see what Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra has to offer. It is the first time that he has introduced stars into the industry and everyone who has seen the trailers or some of the fortunate ones who have seen the rushes are all saying that the hype is totally worth it.

Yet, when you ask the debutantes what was it that they learnt from Rakeysh Mehra, the first thing they tell you is that ‘no one is small enough to completely disregard their input’. “If you speak to either Harshavardhan or even Saiyami, both of them were totally taken aback by the way Rakeyshji insisted on listening to what they had to say about their parts, how they wanted to treat their characters,” explained our source. “It would be easy for a director of his standard to turn around and tell them that this is how he wants the film to be made, and this is exactly how they will be acting but apparently unless they were badly stuck, Rakeyshji never prompted them. He would always discuss things with them and not make them feel like they are people without a thinking mind. I guess it is no surprise when both of them say that working with Rakeysh Mehra has taught them what no finishing school could.”

Given Saiyami is already set to act with none other than Mani Ratnam himself, i am getting the lessons were indeed too good.