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Ragini Khanna is not the ‘happy-go-lucky’ girl of TV


The bubbly girl role from “Sasural Genda Phool” brought Ragini Khanna a lot of popularity but the actor says it also pigeonholed her as a performer. Khanna, who is making her film debut with “Gurgaon”, says she hopes the Shanker Raman-directed movie helps her move beyond her established image.

“After ‘Sasural…’, I only got parts in TV that required me to play the happy bubbly girl. So, I was like, ‘Why can’t people see me as an actor?’ and ‘Why are they just so stuck up with the image?’ Because when I did ‘Radha Ki Betiyaan…’ or ‘Bhaskar Bharti’, they were way different characters than Suhana,” Khanna said.

The actor says she knew that she had a lot more to her as an actor than just playing the chirpy characters. And that is when “Gurgaon” happened to her. The film, featuring Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Oberoi, is a dark family thriller. “This was the film I was looking for. Because I wanted to challenge myself as an artiste and I wanted to tell people that Suhana was not Ragini Khanna. Ragini is an artiste. She is capable of doing all the other parts as well as Suhana.”