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Radiant & Real Raveena Tandon Thadani


From eating pure and reliving personal and professional highs, to blocking out all the negativity of the past, Raveena Tandon Thadani shares with Shagun Shah all that goes into keeping her real and radiant.

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Yummy Mummy
Honestly, being a mother, you forget to eat most of the time. You are only running around behind the kids so that is a great way to remain fit. I think a proper regimen to eat healthy is very, very important. I see a lot of mothers starving themselves, which I completely dissuade people from doing, because that is the worst thing to do to your own body. I have seen so many girls who exercise in excess –three to four hours in the gym and they barely eat. Ultimately this ends up showing on their skin. It loses its glow and they look older faster. I think over-doing of anything is a bad idea. Eat right and healthy and that is the right mantra.

Work-out Regimen
Forty-five minutes a day is all I do. I alternate between yoga and cardio. You are what you eat! Your skin shows what you eat. My main funda is to eat clean and healthy. I’ve shifted my family mostly to organic food now, more the natural way of eating. Honestly, it is going back to our ancient Hindu roots of eating food- the diet that we had initially of eating pure and Sattvik. So I’ve actually taken mine and my family’s food plan back to the ancient Hindu period of food. Fast food and all the preservatives are absolute rubbish. Everything has turned toxic today and everything has chemicals. So one has to be very careful with what they eat. Fruits, juices, coconut water are the best that you can do for your body.

Happy Highs
There are so many happy highs that I have faced whether it is my first ever premiere or my first film, the first commercial award that I won, and the National award that I won. My first movie that touched 75 weeks which is a diamond jubilee or the first time that I ever did a concert… These are all the highs that I’ve totally enjoyed. Generally there have been a lot of lows also but I must admit I have a very good brain system that functions. I normally block out all the bad things that have happened. That is the best way to be, I guess!

Also, the films that make me feel good today are plenty – Patthar Ke Phool, Satta, Shool, Dilwale, Imtihaan, Ziddi, Andaz Apna Apna. Even working with good directors like Ramesh Sippy, Shekhar Kapur, Rajkumar Santoshi or Yash Chopra…these are all the best directors. So working with a good director and the films I have done, have always been very important.

Festivity Highs
I am so glad I live in a country like India where our festivals are so colourful and beautiful. It could be Diwali or it could be Eid. We believe in celebrating each festival and wearing colourful clothes. I totally enjoy Holi and dancing to those typically Holi songs like ‘Rang barse…’ or ‘Balam pichkari…’. This is so imbibed in our culture. Even if you talk about Janmashtami as a festival, it’s so colourful. I take my kids to watch the Dahi Handi and of course the famous song –‘Mach gaya shor saari nagri mein…’. These are things that put you in a festive mood. Now if you drive around, the city is fully lit up for Diwali. I love it!

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Family Highs
Well, normally we always have Diwali parties to go to but we always have a family dinner at home where everyone meets and does puja together. Then we go to our individual parties. Actually Diwali now has become a weekly thing;it’s not only for a day. The joy is that 10 days before the festival, the festivities have already started.

Up Ahead
I am doing a film called Maatr. It basically deals with violence against women- any kind of violence.