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Radhika Apte wants to make a big deal outta the small…


For an actress of Radhika Apte’s calibre, there is really not much that Bollywood has offered her. And while it is a known fact that she delivers better than the most, she has a lot more to give… Recently, the actress was overheard saying that her best work has happened in short films because they are experimenting a lot more in that genre.

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It is relatively new and has a great scope, so it is a pity that the success of short films hasn’t been spoken about in as much flowery terms as films are usually spoken in. There are no awards in the mainstream category for short films for instance, which automatically reduce their reach.

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People are largely ignorant about the short films that keep hitting the marquee, if there is awareness and awards and recognition, these films are going to reach the skies… The girl has a point we say, we would love to see a Kriti or an Ahalya get more recognition for the masterpieces that they were.