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Quality matters over numbers: Vivek Oberoi


Actor Vivek Oberoi says he doesn’t care about the Rs 100 crore benchmark for movies as a great film will be remembered for its story, and not necessarily for the business it generated. Asked if the Rs 100 crore benchmark matters to him, Vivek says, “I don’t care what a film does in terms of business because I just think that if it’s a great film and whether it does Rs 100 crore business or Rs 40 crore business, a great film is a great film and will be remembered.”

Vivek, who was last seen on screen in the film “Bank Chor”, says it’s the quality of the film that is remembered and not the numbers. “There may be many films that may cross Rs 100 crore but may not be remembered after five years… I think it is the quality of cinema and not just the numbers (that matter),” he added.

Not many know, that Vivek is an avid reader and has quite a large collection of books. Taking his love for reading forward, the actor has been invited to a literature festival in Mumbai as a special guest to conduct a reading at one of its session.

Vivek will next be seen playing underworld don Muthappa Rai in filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s film “Rai”.