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Purab Kohli to document his road trip


Purab, who has spent a lot of time in the Northeast since 2004 while he was hosting the show for channel V, explored a fair amount of Meghalaya on a motorbike while shooting there for the film.

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The Rock On 2 team also shot their first schedule in the beautiful locations across Meghalaya refreshing Purab’s memories of the place.

We’ve heard that he’s got himself a mean machine, White Triumph XCA, which boasts of being a superb off-road/touring motorbike. Where else can you test your bike other than the mountains? Once he is free from the promotional schedules of Rock On 2, Purab will take off on this trip. We hear he has spoken to a few of his friends about this trip and it seems like he’s excited some of them to come along too.

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The adventure loving actor said, “I love the mountains and riding in the mountains gives me such an amazing feeling of freedom. I’ve done a lot of travel shows and in one of them also drove around the country, now I would like to document a biking trip and see if that sense of freedom and adventure can be translated into the footage we collect.”