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Priyanka Chopra promote ‘Baywatch’ in India


Mumbai: Bollywood’s most successful import to date, Priyanka Chopra is back in Mumbai and she is making the most of it. Walking in a white wrap-around, Priyanka floored everyone in the room with her smile.

Being back in India doesn’t mean that PC has any free time as she is busy promoting her new film Baywatch. Talking more about the movie she says, “Everyone knows me here in India, I have always tried to make my career a little to the left, so when I was offered Baywatch it was also a little hatke villain as that is what excites me,” Priyanka said adding more about how she wanted her character to be portrayed.

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“As we haven’t seen many women as villain even in India, so I wanted Victoria to be very feminine but also very evil. Moreover, the most difficult thing was dropping the F-bomb as by nature I am not someone who curses,” she added.

But what has been the talk of the town are the rumours that her TV show, Quantico will not be coming back for a season three, doing little to dispel the rumours, Priyanka remarks this time to be an evaluating period for ABC. “Unlike India, in the west when they finish a TV show they evaluate things like budget, scripts etc. so right now they are in that phase. Even with season 2 we didn’t know if till may if there was a going to be a new season until May,” Priyanka dismisses not ready to reveal her plan even if the show is cancelled.

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People in the West have always stereotypical idea about India, that elephants walk on the road and that we are not well versed in English, s unsurprisingly Priyanka was always quizzed about India on talk shows in America. Thanking Bollywood for making us proud PeeCee says, “As an actor I made sure that I knew my work and I want to thank the Hindi film industry for it. I always try to explain to them that song is a part of our culture like birthdays, weddings and so now. So, similarly, in our movies we try to explain a scene with our songs, but it is really cool that people have started accepting us.”

Albeit her films have won three national awards, but she repudiated to talk about Akshay Kumar and the controversy surrounding his win. Although Priyanka did reveal that she has signed three films, but the shooting will depend on whether Quantico comes back for season three. For now, she is focused on Baywatch.