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Priyanka Chopra doesn’t care about Kangana’s comment


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Kangana Ranaut is on a spree. She is loving her unabashed image, she likes speaking just the way she is thinking and thats that…. she doesn’t care if she is offending anyone and that’s pretty cool, except, people do get offended from time to time.

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For all that has been said by Ranaut about Hrithik Roshan has been old news and frankly there is nothing that can be said between them that will surprise us readers anymore, however we did expect Priyanka Chopra to react when Kangana Ranaut said that Pee Cee should get the fake laugh award.

However, knowing Pee Cee, she decided to take the highway. She didn’t even bother talking about it to the media, though friends of the actress claim she had a hearty laugh at the statement.

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Apparently she is said to have said, “It is after all the business of acting, if someone thinks we are fake laughing… well, we are also fake crying, fake loving and fake dying so what’s the harm?