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Priyanka cannot forget Lara….


A presenter at the Oscars, a People’s Choice Award under her belt, and now an invitation to the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner that would be attended by US President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama! And yet Priyanka Chopra isn’t getting swept away by all the attention. Instead she remembers what a support her beauty pageant contemporary and friend Lara Dutta was right from the very start.

She recalls being a naïve 17-year-old, while Lara was 21, already a successful model, having won the Gladrags competition and done ads. She recalls the time they had to attend an event prior to which she was struggling to do her make-up at the Trident. Noticing her ineptness, Lara stepped in to show how her how it should be

When PC wanted to wear a pant suit to the do, Lara instead chose a chic outfit for her which was a lot more flattering. The fact that Lara treated her with respect when she was virtual nobody is what touched her deeply…and that’s the reason why this bonding has lasted and grown over the years. Even rivals can sometimes be friends!