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Pratyusha suicide: Rahul Raj Singh hospitalised for chest pain


pratyusha Banerjee Rahul Raj Singh

New Delhi: Late TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh has been hospitalised after suffering depression and chest pain while going to the police station from his lawyer Neeraj Gupta’s chamber.

“He fell sick at around 10 am when we were about to leave for the police station. He is suffering from depression and chest pain. He was missing Pratyusha a lot,” said the lawyer to ANI.

Rahul’s friend Saila Chadda, who took him to the hospital, said that he is almost on the verge of madness and hence, the family decided to hospitalise him with all legal consent.

“He is traumatized so badly that he can probably go under shock or go mad. Anything can happen to him. So we decided to admit him in the hospital. With consent of all legal advisors we have brought him here,” she said.

“The world may go against him. But my gut feeling is he is clear as the way he cried the whole, I am the witness to it. No one of you were there then,” she added.

When asked whether the this depression was because of the police interrogation, lawyer Neeraj Gupta denied it, saying he co-operated the cops completely.

“He did not have any problem with interrogation. He co-operated with the cops. He is traumatized with Pratyusha’s death..he has been hospitalized today,” he said.