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Prateik Babbar brings his real life passion on screen


Prateik Babbar, who has been missing from the silver screen for a while, is back to impress the audience and his fans with a new short film, THE GUITAR, which is a heartwarming story of a struggling musician and his wonderful gesture that changes a life forever.

The talented actor in association with True School Of Music (True Showcase) has recently launched a four-minute video to stress that talent needs to be spotted and nurtured.

On his decision to get associated with the project, Prateik says, “The director of the video, Aatish Dabral and I have been friends for a long time. We started as interns in the same production house about 10 to 12 years ago and have kept in touch since. He’s now associated with The Human Touch that makes movies about humanity and sacrifice. In terms of reaching out to the public, you cannot go wrong with this. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do this. I wanted to get back on the map, in terms of being visible in the public eye again and this was a great way to get back. The video carries a beautiful message.”

“I auditioned for the role and he really liked the space I was in. I am a bit thoughtful about life like the nice guy we see in the film and it just added to my character. I think I was already thinking on similar lines. It has worked out brilliantly. The story had so much to say, and a lot of it has been conveyed through expressions and music,” Prateik adds.

Prateik, who began his career at a very young age, got picked up for an advertising commercial. “When I did the film DHOBI GHAT, Aamir (Khan) mentored me. He made sure that I was doing the right things, rehearsing and doing everything I was required to for that character. He was like an institution, guiding me along the way. So, when I associated with True School of Music, it was because I recognise that they play a very similar role in the lives of budding musicians.”

Sharing his tips with youngsters who have just started out in their respective areas of profession, Prateik says, “My only advice is ‘know your goal’. Don’t let anything bring you down. Stick on the right path. There’s lot of temptation that comes your way, and at times, things don’t go as planned but it’s worth the fight if you love what you do.