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Praise pours in for ‘Thithi’



Unconventional actress Kalki Koechlin, director of UDTA PUNJAB Abhishek Chaubey, screenwriter and lyricist, Varun Grover and actor Manav Kaul attended the special screening of internationally acclaimed Kannada language film, THITHI in Mumbai.

After a successful run in Karnataka, Raam Reddy’s National Award Winning directorial debut, THITHI is set to have a Pan India release on June 3 with English subtitles.

The film which has attracted plaudits from around the world for its unique concept and storyline had stalwarts of the industry praising it. While Abhishek Chaubey enthused, “Hilarious, moving and strikingly original. The best time I’ve spent in a movie theatre this year!” Varun Grover averred, “I think it’s one of the most original voices in Indian cinema. It’s like we keep talking about who will tell our story if we don’t so it’s that film which is telling our story in the most honest, rooted way.

It’s the story of any Indian village…you will see the characters are so alive and so honestly portrayed. It just blew my mind when I saw it at MAMI. It’s the most spiritual, it’s funny also, it has drama, irony also and at the end of it, the story of Gowda, the Century guy… it’s the most amazing genre-bending films I have seen in recent times in Indian cinema.”

Kalki Koechlin shared, “THITHI is a sweet film, I wish I could understand Kannada, so I could get more of the jokes. It’s such a well told simple story but very truthful… A simple yet funny philosophical film by Raam Reddy.” Manav Kaul raved, “THITHI is delightful!! Please don’t miss this beautiful film by Raam Reddy.”