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Prachi Desai: Bumps & blessings


The radiant Prachi Desai celebrates her birthday today, September 12. Here’s chatting up the lass, who will be seen reprising her role in Rock On 2…

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Mentor musings
Prachi believes that while some relationships are God-given, some are God-sent! Her bond with Ekta Kapoor has been effortless and the equation is beyond terms and conditions, she says. She reveals that Ekta’s personality is that of a soft, yet fiercely independent human. “Despite that she has a child inside her, which is a rare combination.” Ekta helped her to not let her overnight success with becoming a household name, go to her head. She owes the beginning of my career to Balaji and believes they are the happiest to see her success.

What if…
Prachi admits that she has often wondered how easy life would have been had she been a star kid. She admits that being an industry kid would have opened doors for a lot more opportunities. “It’s always easier if you’ve grown up in a film family, everyone knows you and is eager to launch you, promote you, offer multiple films.” Being an outsider has been tough she confesses, especially as she doesn’t have the conventional story of being spotted at a party and being offered a film! Likening her journey to a relay race, she claims that it’s never enough what you do; you still have to work harder and keep passing the baton to prove yourself time and again.

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Changing perceptions
Being a part of the industry has changed her, toughened her, from the naive, shy and wary girl she was when she started out. Changing perspectives made her stronger, more confident and adept at not allowing things to affect her. Facing unpleasant remarks and gossip has taught her to not take the crap but to learn to throw it right back! Regarding her alleged link-up with Rohit Shetty, she puts it down an “extreme vicious”. She reveals that she simply wasn’t prepared for “a rumour so bad to be associated with me”. Claiming she has now conjured up the strength to let it go, she expects others affected by the rumour to do the same.
One easy way to do that would to flaunt a real boyfriend, we say!