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Pooja Sharma was hesitant to play a goddess


Pooja Sharma, who plays Parvati/Mahakali in the show Anth hi Aarambh hai, has been appreciated for portraying her character well. However, the actor says that she was reluctant in taking on the part as she felt she would not be able to do a good job. “I was initially hesitant, because I thought I did not have in me to play the role well.

But Siddharth (Kumar Tewary – producer) sir had a meeting with me where he convinced me that I would be perfect for the role. So I decided to take it up. Also, I realised the character is that of Goddess Parvati, who kept denying the power within her which was of Mahakaali. The script kind of resonated the feeling inside me. I thought that this may be some kind of a divine connection,” she says.

The role of Parvati and that of Mahakali is contrasting. Talking about the change in character, Pooja says, “As an actor, I would say that I am thrilled and elated to have a role which has such a wide range. But nothing about this is easy. In fact, my role of Parvati is also very demanding physically. It takes about two and half hours to get ready and I have to be in costume for 15 to 20 hours a day. Mahakali is equally taxing. It takes four hours to get ready. It gets demanding because there is a lot of action that is required,” she says, adding, “Along with that, I have to work on my voice modulations, pitch and tempo. But I am not complaining, as an actor this is part of my job.”