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Pooja Chopra is excited and confused…


The gorgeous new Chopra in Bollywood is very confused at the moment, she doesn’t know whether she should jump with joy or take a minute off to let everything seep in because it is not every day that you sign a film with Neeraj Pandey and get so thoroughly appreciated for it.

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For those who don’t know we are talking about we have one word for you – Ouch! That’s the recently released Neeraj Pandey Short, which features the gorgeous Pooja.

“The first call that came from Neeraj Pandey himself had me most exited and dancing through the day. He’s one the directors I have tremendous respect for and have always wanted to work with , so there was no way I would have let this opportunity pass me then the added pressure was to perform to the best of my ability.

It wasn’t easy knowing the fact that an actor like Manoj Bajpayee is who I would be sharing screen space with, and film would be directed by Neeraj Pandey. Although a short , I knew and was determined to do my best, cold feet and nervous at first but then you tell yourself this is not the time to be nervous it’s time to prove yourself , exactly what I had told myself before the Miss India pageant.

“Neeraj sir is an institution in himself, the few days of workshop and shoot itself had me in complete awe of him the way he thinks is what makes him who he is. He guided me through the process there was so much to learn from him and I tried to soak in as much as I could. Manoj Bajpayee although a senior and a seasoned actor made me feel at ease, passion for the craft and dedication is what shines through him,” she continued.

“I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with such stalwarts in my career . At the moment everyone’s positive reaction to the film is what’s keeping me happy and beaming with joy!” she stated in utmost enthusiasm. We can totally understand where she is coming from…