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Playing favourites: Sonam Kapoor


Sonam Kapoor Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor may be a cutting edge fashionista, but at heart she is a total homebody. As she says it, actors don’t get much leisure time and nor do they get regular weekends off, which is why any holiday she gets, she loves to spend it at home. This is complete family time, during which she indulges herself relaxing and spending time with her loved ones, unwinding and catching up with the members of her family.

A complete bookworm since her childhood, she also treats herself to hours spent dipping into must-reads. While she used to read a lot of fairy tales and short stories when younger, fiction is still the kind of reading she gravitates towards and enjoys. Whether travelling on flights or on vacation, the pretty lass is never without a book or three at hand! Her tastes can be varied – everything from science to philosophy to even drama and romance holds her attention at some time or other.

Among her list of faves would be New York as far as destinations go, for being the place where she first discovered the joys of splurging and shopping, and Thai food among all cuisines for its exotic and varied flavours. Not one to scrupulously follow long-winded beauty regimens, she believes it’s more important to just be happy – and the radiance but has to show on one’s face! Red lipstick would be her instant external pick-me-up, while tucking into all things chocolate never fails to up her mood!

In a departure from her chic appearances, she actually prefers loose comfortable clothes like tracks, tees and long maxis, when she is not attending a spiffy event or shooting.

A true romantic at heart, she lists films like DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE, TITANIC, DEVDAS, ROMEO AND JULIET and GONE WITH THE WIND as her cine faves. We can’t help but wonder if she has added her own NEERJA to that list.