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People in power intrigue Big B


Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who plays the role of a politician in “Sarkar” series, says he has always been fascinated by the life of people in power. “I was always intrigued by one aspect of life and that is the life of people who are always in power,” Bachchan said during the trailer launch of “Sarkar 3”.

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The National Award-winning actor, who entered the world of politics for a brief period, believes politicians are normal people but their life is not as easy as it seems. “It is not as easy and transparent as it seems to people from outside. They are individuals and they lead a normal life. But they are given power which gives them a certain kind of access to action and deeds that affect millions of people. Where it (power) comes from is guarded by their own political belief and the political party,” he said.

Bachchan had many discussions with director Ram Gopal Varma about his character of Subhash Nagre Patil in “Sarkar”. “What intrigued me was every powerful person has a family, home and people who are close to him. And no home is known to be perfect… there are opinions, view points and differences of opinion. What if this person who is considered to be the number one person of the state, country or universe, has a member of his family who disagrees with him. And what if that powerful man is irritated with that member of the family. If you are irritated, your decision affects millions of people and life. So we discussed all this,” he said.