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“People can’t digest the format of our show”, says Bharti Singh


Initially, it had the highest TRPs but there were few who created controversies regarding the show without any valid reason to gain publicity, says Bharti Singh while speaking to Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about the impending departure of Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza

What caused Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza to be on the verge of its imminent closure?

People can’t digest the format of our show. There were film stars who appreciated the show, and, took the gags sportingly because they are aware of the fact that they have had hit films and flopped ones too. This led me to notice that these superstars have a great power of listening and have the ability to take the gags sportingly. But if people don’t like the format of our show, then we can’t go against their will.

People who are invited in the international comedy roasts are not angry to see themselves getting roasted. We in fact we do far decent roasts in our show yet people don’t seem to like it. We’ll be back after 3 months with a new name and a new format, but it won’t be a roast for sure.

Since most Bollywood actors had lost geniality towards CNB and CNBT due to its roast format (Ranveer Singh, who had previously been a part of AIB’s roast too, had recently refused to be a part of CNBT), do you think the actors would re-establish their amiability in the future towards the new format of the show?

An artist may never refuse to be a part of the show, but it is the people in his/her surrounding who might spread negativity regarding our show to them. Ranveer Singh was on our show ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’. He himself is naughty and fun frolic. He’s a good friend of mine.

If actors want to promote their films, then they’ll attend shows to do the same. I don’t think that actors will have any problem with the new show because nobody can hold grudges beyond an extent, if they have any related to the previous show we had. We hope that after three months we will come back with a super hit show and everybody will come to our show to promote their films. I think in a positive way because I do comedy. I can’t do daily soaps. I love dancing and I had performed for Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa as well.

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Do you think the new show would comparatively be far superior than the previous show?

Of course, it would be better than our previous show. We’ve been given three to four months for rehearsals and format creations. During the time of Comedy Nights Bachao (CNB), we were informed about it a month in prior to its launch. It started off very soon. Initially, it had the highest TRPs but there were few who created controversies regarding the show without any valid reason to gain publicity.

If anyone is invited in a comedy roast, they should be prepared accordingly. In fact, we used to brief the invited stars about the show and the gags before getting them on the show for the roast. But despite of that I don’t know what went wrong. I personally liked the show and it was fun to pull each other’s leg comically.

How would be the format of the new show?

Nothing has been decided upon whether the performances would be in the form of a play or in a group of three or in pairs, as of yet. We’ll be back with proper preparation.

(Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza airs on Colors on every Sunday at 10 pm)