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Paul Jonas’ bankruptcy won’t affect Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s marriage; here’s why


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There are many reports of financial trouble in Priyanka Chopra’s sasural-to-be. Apparently, her fiancé Nick Jonas’ father has declared bankruptcy. But a friend of Priyanka says all this is no deterrent to their marriage. “I am not saying that PeeCee is getting married anytime in the future. But whatever the couple’s future plans, they remain unchanged by Nick’s dad’s financial status. The insolvency case involves a long-ailing business concern that the family decided to close down. Nick and his brothers are more than capable of shouldering the family responsibilities, if and when required,” says PeeCee’s friend.

The couple has already started house-hunting in LA, although they may not move into the new house. “Both Nick and Priyanka are very family-oriented. PeeCee doesn’t want Nick to move out of his family fol. Nick and his brothers are very close to their parents. And so it shall remain. Priyanka is not about to play Bindu’s role (of the disruptive Bahu) in Raj Khosla’s Do Raaste. So yeah, though Nick is searching for a love-nest for the couple, whether they will eventually move into it is undecided.”