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Patralekha talks about her relationship with Rajkumar Rao


patralekha, rajkumar rao

Patralekha’s hottie act in CITYLIGHTS supposedly put a strain on her relationship with Rajkummar Rao but last we heard the pretty Patra was still maintaining that he was her 4 am friend, her best friend first and then her boyfriend. The kissing and physicality that her role demanded was not really an issue, she points out as kissing too is a part of acting. She joked that kissing didn’t mean that she was actually giving her heart to someone!

Gushing about Rajkummar, she reveals that he is a vegetarian, doesn’t smoke or touch alcohol and cannot even kill a mosquito because he doesn’t believe in hurting a living being. She loves his giving nature and large heartedness, and points out that he has almost always played characters opposite to his real self, but for his role in SHAHID.

The couple, who do seem perfectly matched, do intend to get married, but are in no hurry to do so at this point. Rajkummar has pointed out that they are busy consolidating their respective careers and have not really given the matter much thought. As and when they do tie the knot, it will be an extension of their relationship, he says. Nice!