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Padman Box-office Collections Day 5: Akshay Kumar’s movie earns Rs 52.04 cr


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Akshay Kumar is breaking the stereotypes of society through his movies and we can say that because of the movies he has done in recent times. The recent release of Akshay Kumar’s Padman is doing well at the box-office and collected Total: Rs 52.04 crore till now, this is the fifth day of the movie.

 Here are the box office figures of Padman:

Friday: Rs 10.26 cr, Saturday: Rs 13.68 cr, Sunday : Rs 16.11 cr, Monday: Rs 5.87 cr, Tuesday : Rs 6.12 cr.

Talking about why he chose to do the film, Akshay Kumar told India Today Television, “Nobody wants to talk about it. They think it’s a taboo thing. They think unki izzat kam ho jayegi if they even speak about it. It’s high time that we brought it in front of everyone.”

The actor also said that he was not a part of the film for commercial reasons. “I’m making this film, knowing that lot of people would resist it and would not want to go and see it, or allow their family to watch it. But I still would dare to make the film, and one day, I know that they will be quietly watching it and they will understand that this film is very essential for their family, and for the hygiene and happiness of their family,” he said.