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‘Only way to grow is to challenge your fears’, says Sarah Jane Dias


Actress, TV host, VJ and former beauty queen — Sarah Jane Dias has explored all mediums and has tasted success in the form of films like “Angry Indian Goddesses” and web series “Inside Edge”. For her, putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and challenging fears is the best way to find yourself in life.

“I think that what happens when you throw yourself into various situations and this applies for life in general, is that you learn on the go,” Sarah, who will next be seen in season 3 of “Great Escape”, said.

“I have read this very often and I firmly believe, the only way to grow is to put yourself in to an uncomfortable situation and challenge your fears. When I first started doing web series, it was a completely new phase to me. My first one was ‘Inside Edge’. In a way, it was both, comfortable and uncomfortable for me. Comfortable because I was working with reputed companies and uncomfortable because it is a completely a brand new phase for me,” she added.

She also feels that because web series are shot like films with actors from the industry, the experience is different. “…web is now so popular, it is so widespread and the demand is so much because consumers are binge watching them…. you have the opportunity to work with a lot of new blood, a lot of new and fresh energies. You are learning not only from the people who are well experienced but also from people who are new and that’s a really nice mix for anybody, be it an actor or anybody at any job. I think that’s only lent to my confidence, be it in front of the camera,” she said.

Sarah played the role of a journalist in “Inside Edge” and is packed this year too. “I have done three web series in the last year and a half now, I am enjoying that space. I also have a couple of film projects lined up. And I’m constantly working on music and constantly travelling and constantly working out. And, I think that pretty much takes up all my time,” she said.