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“One night stands are more common than you think!”


Sunny Leone tells Shagun Shah that while she hates her character in ONE NIGHT STAND, she admires her strong character.

Tell us about your upcoming film, ONE NIGHT STAND…
The story is about a one night stand but the actual film starts after that. It’s about the relationship between the two characters and their families. For these two characters, this one night stand was a wrong decision and the consequences, is what we see in the film.

You have always said that you are against infidelity and that’s what the trailer of the film talks about. What are your thoughts about it?
When it comes to movies, the characters are created by the writer and the director. Do I believe in it? I hate my character in the movie but there are moments in the movie where she talks about gender equality. In the movie, it’s shown as to why a woman is ridiculed and why she is looked down upon and that’s because she’s made the same decision that a man has made. These are the moments that show her strong character.

How was it like working with director Jasmine Moses D’souza?
Working with Jasmine was a lot of fun. As a first time director she has done a wonderful job. When I watched the movie I was very happy to see what she has created.

Do you think one night stands are becoming more common in India? Why?
One night stands happen all over the world, it wasn’t created in India. In urban cities, like Mumbai or Delhi, it’s very common but nobody talks about their intimate moments openly. I think that it happens a lot more than you think (Laughs).

So the shoot was wrapped up in 55 days which is a very short span for a film shoot. Was it very hectic shooting?
I think Jasmine did a great job organising the entire team. It’s her vision that shows on the screen and when you have a good team, everything works well. She knew what she wanted and needed. And we just did two days of re-take because everything was well planned.

How was your experience working with King Khan for your item number in RAEES, ‘Laila O Laila…’?
It was a dream come true! When you’re a newcomer in the industry, you hope and pray that you get that one chance that will shape your career. Being able to work with somebody on that level is incredible. It was a very proud moment for me, my husband and for my team.

Any more films in the pipeline?
After this, I’ll be working on a film called Beimaan Love, which is a story about a young girl who is hurt emotionally and how she overcomes it. And then I’ll be doing ‘Splitsvilla’ which starts in May which is what I’m looking forward to. I’m so excited as I get to escape my own problems and live my life.

We also heard of Tina and Lolo which is supposed to be a thriller. How is it shaping up?
That movie is mostly finished. My co-actor, KarishmaTannaand I have been busy so we’re still working on our dates to finish that movie.

Five years into the industry and you seem to have picked up Hindi really well. Whom do you get your Hindi skills from?
I grew up in a household where my parents were Punjabis so we watched a lot of Hindi movies so I always understood Hindi. For all my movies I do workshops, I do lots of coaching with dialogues. So where my movies are concerned, I work a lot with the director and an acting coach which becomes simpler.

From all the films you have worked on which one is your favourite one?
It has to be EK PAHELI LEELA because it’s so different. When I was small, I would watch Hindi movies and I saw those songs with heroines wearing sarees. And finally I could play the character that related to everything I saw growing up. That was the movie I could show my parents if they were alive.