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On Eid al-Adha Karan-Arjun beats Baahubali by Rs 56, 000? Details inside


Baahubali has been a centre of attractions for all things large and mighty. Be it the name of a traditional Indian food thali or a pack of firecrackers, this name rings in a bell of anything that is larger than life. Not just that, film stars have several pyrotechnic creations that have been christened with their names. On this festive occasion of this Eid – al- Adha, vendors at the goat market of Manimajra near Chandigarh ring in this tradition Bollywood style.

According to a report by Indian Express, Baahubali, Salman, Karan and Arjun are the hunkiest of the goats and may command as much as Rs one lakh before they become the star of someone’s feast. Apparently, Baahubali- a star goat from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr was expected to sell for over Rs 45,000 but it did not find any takers.

 Like the beefy personality of the film’s leading protagonist Prabhas, this animal was too a big one as it had been fed one litre of milk and five kilo of grass on a daily basis. On the other hand, a seller from Punjab’s Malerkotla fared better as he sold his two goats, Karan-Arjun for Rs 56,000.