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Omung Kumar’s dedication towards SARBJIT 


Omung Kumar who irecently wrapped up the third schedule for his upcoming biopic SARBJITwas seen having some tough times during the shoot in Punjab.  No we aren’t talking here about any production glitches but about his ailing health issues. The national award winning director Omung Kumar who is known to be exceptionally dedicated and hardworking in nature, fell prey of severe health issues during his Punjab schedule.

An insider informs that the director is known to be suffering from Sinus issues since the four months due to which he was under medication for an extensive time.  As soon he landed at Punjab, the weather change escalated the sinus problem further and resulted in high fever for a continuous period of three days. The source adds further that the health problem became a major concern on the day the crew was shooting the Pakistani lodge scene which required heavy fog. The dense fog along with hefty wind acted as a curse and made the director incredibly sick. Looking at the sick red face of the director, the crew in a state of panic, immediately called for an ambulance and doctor. But to the surprise of everyone, the dedicated director opted to take some medicines and continue with his shooting.

Talking about the incidence, Vanita Omung Kumar, Production Designer of SARBJIT, said “Omung suffered from a severe bout of sinus and the weather  was not helping.. Still he had to run against time to complete the shoot , early mornings to late evenings , saw that things were not getting better I called a doctor on set .. After much waiting a doctor arrived and said that he was running high temperature.. But medications were prescribed and Omung somehow pulled through the schedule. Nothing stops Omung, he performs as effectively come what may .. His work is his passion.