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OMG! Zubair Khan slammed Salman Khan: He apologised to his brothers, the dogs


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Salman Khan and Zubair Khan’s controversy seems no end as both of them are giving statement against each other. Earlier Zubair demanded an apology from Salman Khan to go back to Bigg Boss house,  the host in his own witty style apologized to the dogs for comparing them to Zubair on his show last Saturday.When contacted Zubair Khan, he laughed at Salman’s antics and quipped, “All I want to say that I am thankful to Allah that because of me Salman apologized to his brothers, the dogs. That’s my only reply to his infamous comment on the show. He is not God that he treats people like dirt.”

Zubair further added that the makers of Bigg Boss, Colors and Endemol have stopped taking his calls. “They announced that I have a connection with Dawood Ibrahim and Haseena Parker when I never spoke about it. Now that my lawyers are demanding the declaration forms they are saying that they’ve misplaced it. Clearly proves that it was their plan to malign me and use me for ratings.”

“He is no saint and as I told he did all this because of pressure from the underworld. But I did not go on the show to get into his good books and thus will avenge all that he did to me. I have planned to file PIL against all the cases that he got away with the help of his money and D-company association. I want to tell Salman in his own style- ‘Hum tumpe itna PILs file karenge, ke tum confuse ho jaoge ke shoot pe jayein ya court mein (I will file so many PILs against you that you will be torn between going to your shoots and court). I will bring him down and get him arrested. He should never underestimate the power of a common man.”

Zubair Khan has filed a complain against Salman Khan for insulting him on national television by calling him dog. Zubair also accused the Bajrangi Bhaijaan star of having connections with Dawood Ibrahim.