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OMG! Shah Rukh loses his cool after being pranked


It is not every day that you see King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan fuming in anger. Shah Rukh recently appeared on MBC’s Ramez Taht El Ard, a popular yet controversial show and did something unexpected. It is a reality TV show where many Arab celebrities have been pranked before and Khan was their latest guest. An Abu Dhabi-based anchor Ramez Galal played a prank on Shah Rukh by dressing up as a giant reptile and made it looks as real as day.

Initially, the episode started off smoothly where Shah Rukh arrives at a remote shoot location in Abu Dhabi desert via helicopter. He then welcomed by popular Lebanese TV presenter Nishan who interviews him as a part of a prank. After the interview, they go on a safari through the desert where the driver gets lost in the desert only to find out they are stuck in quicksand. SRK helps other passengers get out of the vehicle when a huge reptile crawl towards them. As the situation worsens, the prankster comes out of the costume to calm down everyone. But by then Shah Rukh loses his temper when he realises that the whole set up was a prank.

Seeing an angered Khan, Ramez apologises but the actor refuses to accept his apology. Khan is next seen yelling at the anchor. “Did you call me all the way from India for this?” Khan asks. Even though the visibly worried host can be seen expressing his love him, it doesn’t help him much. Shah Rukh then dragged the anchor by his leg and was about bury him in the sand, when he decided to keep his cool.

Shah Rukh is known for being a sport when it comes to staged pranks and roasts. He is usually equipped with his witty comebacks especially when he feels uncomfortable in a situation. It’s hard to believe that this whole incident was actually a prank because later we saw this selfie on Ramez Gulal’s Twitter account. In this video, posted by the anchor, both of them seemed quite chirpy and cheerful in each other’s company. However, it is said that Shah Rukh was actually paid Rs 2 crore to play this part.

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