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OMG! Salman Khan becomes a teacher, gives a lecture to his fans while jogging


You don’t mess with Salman Khan and if you do then you are ruined, but many of his fans love him as God. Many of his friends love him because of his large heart. Salman Khan is one of the biggest star in Bollywood and his films always cross Rs 100 crore and he has done many movies just in name of friend ship. Some time bhai gives good advice to his fans, yes, bhai has done that.

Salman Khan stepped out for an early morning jog at Bandstand in Bandra and his security team was by his side. A group of young fans spotted the superstar and came towards him to ask for a selfie. But Salman’s entourage intervened and shooed them away. They shouted “Salman Bhai, ek selfie” but his two guards said ‘No’. Salman was busy jogging and after two rounds he noticed something weird, his fans were now sitting on a bench, passing around a cigarette and sipping beer. The sight did not please the superstar.

Salman came towards them and the boys were shocked to see Salman in front of them Salman told the boys that smoking and drinking are bad habits which will do irreparable damage to their body according to The fans were listening in rapt attention and they then stood up and dumped their alcohol and cigarettes. What happened next was surprising; Salman Khan clicked a selfie with each one of them.