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Old video of Pankaj Kapur’s ‘Fatichar’ pops up on Twitter, Ayushmann Khurrana gets nostalgic


Kids and people who spent their teen days in 90s have experienced the best TV shows and nobody can deny it. During that time, TV was a luxury, that was the golden age when serials had some vision and were based on realities. 90s comedy serials actually evoked some humour and did not rely on the laughter playing as a cue in the background.

Recently a video of Pankaj Kapur’s serial ‘Fatichar’ was shared on Twitter by Trade Analysts Rohit Jaiswal. ‘Fatichar’ was a show that has Shahid Kapoor’ father Pankaj in the lead role. The legendary actor tickled so many funny bones with his clean humour and his brilliant acting skills which made all wow at him. ‘Fatichar’ was a household name back then, and it’s quite hard not to love it. The serial had a clean humour.

Interestingly, Ayushmann Khurrana, couldn’t help but reminisce the 90s, and also shared few trivia about the show. Ayushmann wrote, “This is gold. This is from the show called Fatichar which used to come on Doordarshan in the 90s. I remember this clearly and I had recorded this on a vhs tape. Legendary stuff. Pls give my regards to Pankaj sir. �����”.

Pankaj Kapur’s ‘Fatichar’ was legendary and has amazing writing. Pankaj Kapur is a hugely gifted, rarely seen and is widely respected for his commitment to good cinema. He’s the actor’s actor.