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Obviously comedy is the most difficult: Akshay


(pic: akshay)

Being an actor who excels at every genre, comedy, action or drama, Akshay Kumar has giving his audience a taste of everything. But when it comes to acting, our Action Kumar thinks comedy is the most difficult genre. Recently at a promotional event of HOUSEFULL 3, Akshay Kumar was asked by the media which genre he felt is the most difficult one. He promptly replied, “Obviously comedy is the most difficult. But I enjoy everything.”

At the promotional event he also confessed that he would hate the feeling of going on the sets when he was doing back-to-back action films and that’s why he considers it important to break away from genres.

“I just want to give away comedy for a while because how long can you do one genre. You can do it for 3-5 months, then you start getting bored of it. Like when I used to do a lot of action films, I used to actually feel bad about having to go every day and do action films. I needed a change,” the actor said.

Akshay Kumar had been the actor who was known for his action skills and he grew in popularity when he did films like MOHRA and KHILADI. Akshay was known as an ‘action star’ during the 90s. With HER PHERI he changed the game and started off with comedies and romantic comedies.

Just recently his films, AIRLIFT, BABY and HOLIDAY won a lot of praises for his work. He has a multi starrer comedy film coming up, HOUSEFULL 3 and then he’ll be seen in a serious film called RUSTOM.