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Not all Khans in Bollywood are superstars: These 8 Khans never made it BIG


Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are among the top three Khan’s of Bollywood but that doesn’t mean if you have a Khan surname you will become a superstar. There are many Khan’s in Bollywood apart from these three Khan’s and none of them succeeded or had stardom like them. So, in this special FPJ feature, we are going to talk about top 8 flop Khan’s of Bollywood who failed at the box office miserably.

Fardeen Khan

The actor has become a past and now he is an unknown star of Bollywood, but he is the son of Feroz Khan, who was much successful than his son Fardeen during his time. Daddy Feroz made sure that his son Fardeen should have a big launch in Bollywood and for that he made a movie ‘Prem Aggan’ in 1998 which was a disaster. Fardeen does not have a good track record of movies, and from many years he has not been in any movies. His last film was ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’ in 2010.

Imran Khan

Mamu Aamir Khan made sure that his nephew Imran Khan will have a successful career in Bollywood, so he launched Imran in ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’ in 2008 which was hit at the box office but later his career graph started to fall and movies flopped, but the actor tried hard to push but couldn’t succeed and later gave up. He was last seen in the movie ‘Katti Batti’ in 2015 and now it has been three years no news of him signing any movie.

Zayed Khan

He is a cousin of Fardeen Khan and son of veteran actor Sanjay Khan. The actor debuted in the movie ‘Chura Liyaa Hai Tumne’ in 2003 which was directed by Sangeeth Sivan and his co-star was Esha Deol in lead but the film couldn’t impress the Indian audience and was marked as below average movie. Zayed has done quite a few films but most of them flopped and he last appeared in ‘Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene’ in 2015 but the buzz is that the actor did a movie ‘Desi Magic’ which is under post production.

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The muscular and truck driver in ‘Mela’ movie was none other than Faisal Khan. The movie also had  Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna in lead , the movie flopped at box office. Talking about his career Fiasal has only few movies which can be counted on fingers and most of them are flops. He is the younger brother of Aamir Khan.

Ayub Khan

The actor made his Bollywood debut from the movie ‘Mashooq’ in 1992 which did well at the box office but later had flop career in Bollywood and was seen in supporting roles. But after that, the actor was much into TV. The last movie he did ‘Yeh Dooriyan’ in 2011, he had a small cameo in it. The actor is nephew of superstar Dilip Kumar.

Arbaaz Khan

The brother of Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan had a long career in Bollywood but couldn’t achieve the stardom which Salman Khan did. Arbaaz is doing movies in Bollywood but unfortunately his movies flopped most of the time and now the actor is into direction.

Sohail Khan

Another brother of Salman Khan who had a flop career in Bollywood, despite Salman Khan’s efforts both of his brother couldn’t achieve the success in Bollywood which Salman has. Salman had made tremendous efforts for Sohail to have a hit career and Salman himself was in with him in many movies even then the actor flopped. And now Sohail just like his brother Arbaaz is into production and direction.

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The film was ‘Style’ in 2011 which did well at the box office but after that his choice of movies started to flop and made him a flop actor. But the actor is in news again with his fight with Ayesha Shroff and the controversy is getting worse and Tiger Shroff’s mom Ayesha Shroff has been summoned in CDR case. Talking about the actor he is now into bodybuilding and has a YouTube channel.